Heidi Ruby

Director of Operations

Heidi Ruby is the Director of Operations at the Youngstown Business Incubator. In 2008, Heidi moved into the incubator with Visual Impact Imaging, a former YBI Portfolio Company, as their Office Manager. From there, she migrated into her position with the Incubator itself. Her position as Facilities Manager complements her past experience in management, accounting and customer service, as she currently manages a five-building 350-person campus.

Chief Executive Officer

Huntington Bank Entrepreneur in Residence

Director of Operations

Director of Development

Director of Program Management

Director, Women in Entrepreneurship

Director, Additive Manufacturing Programs

Project Manager, Additive Manufacturing

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Industry Liaison

Entrepreneur Research Coordinator

Accounting Intern

Entrepreneur in Residence,

Entrepreneur in Residence, Additive Manufacturing

Entrepreneur in Residence,

Digital Production Intern

Monus Entrepreneurship Fellow

Monus Entrepreneurship Fellow

Communications Intern

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