James Cossler

Huntington Bank Entrepreneur in Residence

Jim Cossler is the Huntington Bank Entrepreneur in Residence for the Youngstown Business Incubator.

From his position as Senior Vice President for Corporate Services of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Jim joined the organization in 1998 as its CEO when YBI was positioned as a traditional “mixed use” incubator, and became the primary architect of its transformation into the nationally known incubator, accelerator and managed technology cluster that YBI is today. His primary role is to serve as a mentor and entrepreneurial expert to YBI’s portfolio of companies, as well as to build and manage the internal and external relations and networks necessary for their growth and success.

Jim is passionate about instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in our next generation of young people as well. To that end, he is actively involved in working with students in their business schools and entrepreneurship programs at universities and colleges throughout the Cleveland to Pittsburgh region.

Chief Executive Officer

Huntington Bank Entrepreneur in Residence

Director of Operations

Director of Development

Director of Program Management

Director, Women in Entrepreneurship

Director, Additive Manufacturing Programs

Project Manager, Additive Manufacturing

Industry Liaison

Entrepreneur Research Coordinator

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Entrepreneur in Residence,

Entrepreneur in Residence, Additive Manufacturing

Entrepreneur in Residence,

Digital Production Intern

Monus Entrepreneurship Fellow

Monus Entrepreneurship Fellow

Program & Events Intern

Communications Intern

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