business accelerator program

The Minority Business Assistance Center offers a 3 Phase Business Accelerator Program for interested parties. The accelerator program starts with entrepreneurs in the idea stage and works with entrepreneurs all the way up to the point where they are looking to grow their business and take it to the next level. 

the mbac business accelerator program has 3 phases

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MBAC Create

The Idea Stage

A four week program that offers four workshops and educational sessions to help MBAC Clients who are ready to enter the world of entrepreneurship, but need help developing an idea. This program offers an opportunity for the business to gain access to free technical training that will assist in getting started.

MBAC Launch

Taking the Product or Service to Market

A nine-week program that teaches the fundamentals of owning and operating a business. Its primary focus is to assist minority businesses who have started their own business but need assistance in launching their product into the market and having greater access to government, state institutional contracts. Those who complete the 9-week program will be given the opportunity to present their business plan to lenders and procurement officers. You can request more info on MBAC here.



Creating Economies of Scale

A four week program that offers workshops and educational sessions that focuses on developing strategies to expand services and or production. Graduates will be connected with procurement officers of local governments and agencies, lending agents, potential investors where appropriate and established businesses for potential joint ventures.