YBI Portfolio Companies

YBI’s portfolio companies include those that are physically located at YBI, businesses in their very early stages, and established operations seeking new market opportunities with information technology solutions. YBI is committed to developing commercial properties for successful portfolio companies to accelerate their continued growth beyond their “graduation” from the incubator.


3D PrinterWorks

3D PrinterWorks manufactures commercial grade, consumer-priced 3D printers with a large build envelope. The large build envelope allows users to print larger parts for prototyping, product development, visual aides, etc.

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Accupoint Software Development, LLC

Accupoint Software is a global provider of innovative compliance management solutions to the petroleum industry. This company focuses on applications that optimize business processes, increase customer satisfaction and streamline the management of today’s complex compliance requirements.

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Bravura 3D, LLC

Bravura 3D provides an easy-to-understand educational experience for creatives at the intersection of art and technology. In addition, it helps indie film professionals realize their creative vision using 3D printing.

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Enyx Studios, LLC

Enyx Studios is shaping the future of interactive storytelling using virtual reality. Enyx is a game development studio focused on creating virtual reality content for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

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Equipment Appraisal Services

Equipment Appraisal Services is a nationwide provider of certified machinery and equipment appraisals for litigation, bank financing collateral, allocation of assets, divorce and partnership, estate settlements, financial reporting, and risk management.



FlashChats LLC

Check back for information.



FoodECrave connects foodies to the same quality meats that restaurants, marketplaces and local food retailers have access to. This company also gives small, local food businesses a place to sell their delicious products.

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Freshmade 3D

Freshmade 3D uses digital design tools and 3D printing processes to provide advanced manufacturing solutions for manufacturing tooling, artwork and displays, functional parts, and prototypes.

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Gabriel System

Secure system to hold valuable information with customized release dates including T.O.D. auto-release, etc.



Hudson Fasteners, Inc.

Since 1946, Hudson Fasteners has maintained excellent customer loyalty by providing quality products, customer support, and timely service. Their new e-commerce platform has a proprietary product selector that changes the way fasteners are sold. Their social presence is packed with tons of information and is continuously growing.

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IMPRESSIONUSA, LLC is the parent company of INVESIGATOR.US and APPATIZER.US. INVESTIGATOR.US is the world’s first bidding platform for investigative services, and consists of a website and mobile applications for iOS and Android. APPATIZER.US is a world-class development firm for websites, as well as web and mobile applications.



JSO Technologies, LLC

TruRange, created by JSO Technologies, is a golf course management solution that can enhance the interactive experience of both the golfer and the golf course.


JuggerBot 3D, LLC

JuggerBot 3D is committed to creating top-of-the-line 3D printers ideal for the vast majority of additive manufacturing solutions.

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Lettuce Do Good

Lettuce Do Good provides indoor hydroponic gardens for growing fresh produce in homes, schools and restaurants all year long.

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MedaSync is a software platform that connects healthcare spending to care delivery, in real time, to help skilled nursing facilities drive better outcomes, reduce the cost of care, and better coordinate with hospitals, health systems, physician groups and ACOs.


Sage Data Service

Sage Data Service is committed to making as-reported SEC financial data standardized, transparent and affordable to all types of institutions and investors. They accomplish this goal by using a comprehensive taxonomy to convey key ratios and interactive comparisons.



Strangpresse, LLC

Strangpresse develops and commercializes fully controllable, lightweight thermoplastic pellet-fed extruders for the additive manufacturing industry designed to produce parts to a near net shape.



TagMe!, LLC

TagMe!, LLC is a revolutionary mobile and trend based e-commerce app that allows users to identify and purchase products instantly.



Vantage Solutions, Inc.

Vantage Solutions creates mobile and web solutions to improve driver efficiency in the intermodal and trucking industries.


via680, LLC

The team at via680 is the creator of Ving – the smart messaging tool that clearly hits the mark from tracking message opens and views, and bounces to exactly what parts of your message your contacts have interacted with by date and time.

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Vindication Marketing, LLC

DittoTalk, the main product of Vindication Marketing, offers the ability to give a perfect, professional, online presentation with no training required. DittoTalk is “what webinars want to be when they grow up.”

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TPA Stream

TPA Stream is a cloud-based software for third-party benefit administrators who offer health payment accounts. Employees or participants in these plans typically are required to submit claims data for reimbursement or substantiation. TPA Stream eliminates the need for employees to send in claims data for health payment accounts.


Inventor Cloud

Advanced Methods in Innovation (AMI) is an organization committed to creating engaging, meaningful learning experiences that inculcate a passion for innovation, creativity and design thinking, that along with 21st-century skills, prepares students for life-long success. As a non-profit, AMI’s mission is to provide rich, robust educational programs using technology, advanced equipment and relevant curricula in a rigorous problem-based learning format that facilitates learning for students and educators.



Research Sports Group

A fantasy sports content site offering advice for season-long and daily fantasy sports, as well as a suite of tools that allow users to research all sports in one place.


Fila-Mint, Inc.

Fila-Mint offers high-quality, tight-tolerance 3D printer filament in short run sizes, and custom grades to manufacturers of consumer- and engineering-grade FDM printers.

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Hot End Works

HotEnd Works is an additive advanced materials company currently developing a 3D printer capable of printing advanced materials using a proprietary highly advanced thin film processing technique.

The company was founded to address a market gap in advanced material 3D printing. Their company aims to change the way that advanced materials, such as ceramics, are used today by making the materials more accessible to the engineering / design community.



Applied Systems and Technology Transfer (AST2) is a small business designated as a HUBZone Contractor by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), providing professional services to both government and commercial clients. AST2’s goal is to provide technology solutions, including systems engineering and technical support services, to both governmental and commercial sectors.




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