manufacturing engineer I

with Fitz Frames

Location:  Youngstown, OH - Youngstown Business Incubator Campus
Employment Type: Full-Time

Job Description

Our Manufacturing Engineer, I is responsible for innovating and improving the way we manufacture the product. This requires deep hands-on knowledge of operating our manufacturing from start to finish, as well as a keen analytical mind capable of analyzing each step, process, and tool. This includes data processing and handling, 3D printing, and other physical manufacturing processes, finishing, tracking, failure rate, line design, and QA/QC. Innovation is both identifying issues, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement, as well as designing creative solutions and technologies both on a micro-scale as well as global. This will require mechanical design and engineering, system design, and process engineering, among many other skills. This Engineer must also deeply understand our product and core design process and is responsible for improving the mechanical and functional design of the Fitz product. This is a challenging role, requiring an absolutely relentless drive for constant improvement, an obsessive attention to detail, and an intense urgency to proactively solve any problem that arises. This Engineer must have the mind of a scientist-detective and the heart of a designer-inventor. 

you will...

  • Proactively identify issues, the opportunity for improvement and inefficiencies anywhere in Fitz manufacturing before they arise including quality, capacity, failure rate, and overall efficiency 
  • Find or design solutions for any issue within manufacturing processes or products. This may include design and engineering of a new process or piece of equipment and its integration into manufacturing without interruption to production. 
  • Partner internally, with our Manufacturing Lead, Customer Service, Product Design, and R&D as well as externally with our suppliers and manufacturing partners to ensure seamless production and constant innovation. 
  • Collaborate directly with Product Lead to keep Fitz product ahead of the market curve, and constantly innovating functionality and design. 
  • Operate the manufacturing process from start to finish 
  • Relentless focus on safety, both personally and as part of the overall process. Constantly identify and remedy gaps that may arise.

You may be fit for this role if you...

  • Have a strong additive manufacturing background, including 4+ years experience with additive manufacturing – both design for and operating, including experience with end-product manufacturing. 
  • Have strong analytical design skills in CAD software packages (e.g. Solidworks). 
  • Have a Bachelor's degree in Manufacturing or Mechanical Engineering. 
  • Have fastidious attention to detail, and a curious mind: always on the lookout for how to make our process and the product better through creative innovation and improvement. 
  • Are a skilled builder: designing and building both with ad-hoc materials and solutions as well as professional-grade machining and construction. 
  • Think analytically to design experiments, prototypes, and iterate and production level implementation 
  • Are flexible and driven, having the ability to work at a fast pace, constantly changing environment with long hours and tight deadlines. Startup experience a plus. 
  • Are highly-organized and self-reliant, able to problem-solve with minimal supervision. 
  • Are a strong cross-functional relationship builder, able to partner effectively with other teams and team members both locally and remote. 

Company Description

Fitz is revolutionizing the way people get glasses. No more hours and hours of searching for glasses that fit. Our revolutionary app scans faces, takes millimeter- accurate measurements and allows shoppers to select from a catalog of frame styles, do a virtual try-on, and order custom 3D printed glasses: delivered right to the home in about a week. Our innovative pricing model means that families will have a plan when life happens. 

We’re proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. Our team of purpose-driven entrepreneurs loves taking on big challenges and finding innovative solutions. We believe in ownership, accountability, innovation, and fun. From our offices in Los Angeles to our manufacturing facility in Youngstown, Ohio, we’re constantly looking for ways to make the experience of getting glasses better than ever. Fitz: glasses, solved. 

how to apply

Please send resume and cover letter to