IT and Customer Support Specialist

Vantage Solutions, LLC - REACH is seeking a full-time employee for the role of IT and Customer Support Specialist.

REACH is a software as a service (SaaS) that facilitates breakdown recovery, equipment reporting, and constituent relationships within the commercial trucking and intermodal industries.

The start date of this position is flexible. The position is salary. Performance-based bonuses are at the discretion of his/her supervisors.

The IT and Customer Support Specialist will report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and work closely with the Marketing Manager and development team.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Work closely and complete REACH platform training on both the web and mobile application.
  2. Onboard and support new and current REACH users to include service center technicians, equipment providers, truck and intermodal drivers, and office personnel with live web conference sessions and REACH Academy guidance.
  3. Strengthen customer relations through configuration, troubleshooting, and direct communication via email, phone, in-app, social media, and web conferencing technologies.
  4. Monitor customer accounts and associated revenues in Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  5. Manage multiple customer accounts while modifying, building, or deleting portals, users, service events, and other data elements as necessary.
  6. Communicate efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively with Vantage Solutions, LLC team members and customers on support-related issues.
  7. Contribute to team effort by providing input, asking questions, and providing updates multiple times per day.

Required knowledge & Skills

  1. Aptitudes in customer support to include problem-solving, attentiveness to learning product functionality, patience, and prompt responsiveness.
  2. Proficiency in computer and mobile application functionalities to include web browser differentiations, data analysis, and respective troubleshooting techniques.
  3. Experience in software configuration, testing, and troubleshooting a plus.
  4. Working or advanced knowledge of the following applications a plus:
    - Android Application Package Files (APK)
    - Google Analytics, Search Console
    - Salesforce
    - Slack
    - JIRA
    - Buffer, Hootsuite, or other social media management tool
    - MailChimp
    - Sendgrid
    - SQL

Education & Experience

  1. College student or graduate in information technology, computer science, telecommunications, business management, or marketing management.





how to apply

Please send resume and cover letter or direct any questions to Madeline Grimes at