Programs for Advanced Manufacturing companies

YBI is home to three programs that support manufacturers incorporating 3D printing concepts into their operations.

Additive Tooling Acceleration

Teaches manufacturers how - and when - to use AM to develop tooling for low volume production. The State provides a subsidy to reduce printing and design costs.

One case study revealed that creating a metal chute using AM resulted in a 65-percent reduction in cost; the next print will have a savings of 85 percent since the engineering costs have already been paid.

The program is funded through the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid manufacturing works off the principle that it’s generally more cost effective to print a metal part to a “near net shape,” and then machine it down to its final tolerances. Using this method, you first design the part or component with jigs and fixtures in place to transition it seamlessly into the traditional manufacturing processes.

YBI, YSU and its other partners have both design and technical skills, as well as access to equipment to assist local manufacturers in learning this technique. We also provide support for conceptualization, design, printing and post-processing of metals, including titanium, steel and nickel alloys.

Metal Casting

Originally funded by America Makes, this technology is YBI’s signature program for advanced manufacturing. Partners include the University of Northern Iowa, American Foundry Society, Humtown Products and ExOne Company.

This technology can use AM to print the sandcores that are central to metal casting. Because AM doesn’t have the same limitations as traditional manufacturing, it can optimize design for things like speed, energy efficiency, light-weighting, and more.

YBI is partnered with YSU and Humtown to bring only the second S Max printer owned by a university in the nation to the Mahoning Valley.

YBI, YSU, America Makes and the other partners are also working with the U.S. Department of Defense to support the integration of AM into the Department of Defense supply chain.

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