It's a womans world.

Since the inception of the WE Program, we've had the privilege to work with some really awesome women entrepreneurs throughout the Mahoning Valley. Take a moment to take a look at what they have to offer, and please remember to Shop Small!

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McDivitt Family Maple

McDivitt Family Maple specializes in maple syrup production as well as gourmet products with maple syrup as the main ingredient. McDivitt Family Maple is a social good company, giving a portion of their profits to local non-profits that support Autism.
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Next Education

NEXT Education is Youngstown's source for hybrid home education for grades 3-12. Two days of Christian-based classes bring students together on campus. The other three days give parents time with their kids to create a tailored education that prepares students for their calling.

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RedHead Brands

RedHead Brands is the parent company of RedHead Wines. RedHead Wine is a blend of Carmenere and Zinfandel - it is "sweet and spicy, just like a redhead!"

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Sew Cute! Talent Center & Showroom

Sew Cute! Talent Center & Showroom provides training & economic opportunities in fiber/textiles & performance arts. We support entrepreneurship in the arts.
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Kelley Ashby Consulting

Kelley Ashby Consulting helps individuals and groups improve workplace performance through customized training and coaching services focused on leadership development and the soft skills employers say are critical to workplace success.
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Mahoning Valley Family Center

The Mahoning Valley Family Center is a non-profit, family-oriented organization. MVFC provides recreation, sports, and workshops that will help build the family bond and strengthen the family atmosphere in the Mahoning Valley.


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Just Pizzelles

Just Pizzelles offers the world's largest selection of gourmet Italian pizzelle cookies with over 90 flavor experiences in a calorie-conscious 'twist' on a traditional treat that can be fully customized and ships worldwide.

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Gallery 18

Gallery 18 is a contemporary art gallery that specializes in connecting art buyers with distinct abstract, upcycled and fine art. Gallery 18 exhibits artwork created by local artists and crafters as well as instructs demonstrative painting workshops.

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Make It Mandy Catering

Make it Mandy Catering, LLC offers satisfying treats both savory and sweet, with an emphasis on catering to those with dietary restrictions (i.e. plant based, dairy free, gluten free, etc).

Hands of Movement

hands of movement

Hands of Movement is a mobile massotherapy business ideal for group or corporate events. Owned and operated by Celestina Glenn, Hands of Movement also has a physical office in Boardman, OH inside the Esarco Chiropractic Office.