Building a new, advanced era of manufacturing in Youngstown

Recognizing that YBI would have to expand its mission if we were going to have a greater impact on the local economy, our board moved to develop services to support the integration of technology into the manufacturing base.

We started to see success when the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute was located on our campus in 2012.

What is additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is the creation of products and components by very precisely “adding” layers of material only where they are needed. Traditional manufacturing is usually “subtractive” manufacturing, meaning that materials are removed by drilling, grinding machining, etc.

Advanced Manufacturing Programs

students needed for am Commercialization program

The Youngstown Business Incubator, along with America Makes, and Team NEO,
are developing an infrastructure to provide commercialization services for technologies related to Additive Manufacturing (AM).

This program will focus on commercializing the Intellectual Property resulting from the America Makes' project calls, and will leverage the extensive resources already available for entrepreneurship and technology transfer.

Student teams will be developed, consisting of 4- 6 students from
different majors. These teams will work with the company to commercialize their additive
manufacturing asset.

Student teams will develop written materials that will include:

  • Market, technical, and supply chain assessments
  • Market Verification
  • Financial Plan 
  • Competitive Art Search

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