At YBI, you don’t have to grow it alone

Youngstown Business Incubator connects entrepreneurs with the tools, support and funding sources to cultivate their ideas into thriving businesses.

a perfect starting point

Our friends over at Techstars are pretty legit. And so is this toolkit they've put together. Before you do anything else, check it out. Any roadblocks or questions you have along the way? Well, that's why we're here!

Resources, Assistance, & opportunities

Youngstown Business Incubator provides added value to portfolio companies and clients by connecting entrepreneurs with the tools, support and resources to cultivate their ideas into thriving businesses.

Everyone gets a mentor

We assign each client an entrepreneur-in-residence, or EIR, to assist them in developing their pitch deck, raising funds, hiring key team members, and setting and achieving milestones critical to their success.

Pitch deck development

We can expertly assist you in developing fundable pitch deck presentations.

(UI/UX) user interface/user experience testing

We will arrange volunteer focus groups to test a company’s website and the experience they had during the process. You bring the interface, we bring the users.

A network of resources who share your goals

YBI, as part of the Northeast Ohio Entrepreneurial Signature Program (NEO ESP) funded by the Ohio Third Frontier Program, has access to a network of incubators, accelerators and funding organizations. These organizations are all after the same goal - growing your idea, creating jobs and creating wealth in our communities.

Ugly baby sessions

Let’s face it, no one will ever come out and tell you your baby (your big idea) is ugly. Put you down in front of a room of experts and complete strangers? There is where your real, honest feedback is.

Refer to our blog on 3rd party market validation to find out why your mom and grandma think your idea is the ‘next big thing,’ but in reality no one really needs a Bluetooth Enabled Dog Leash with a heated handle.

Intros to movers and shakers

Our extensive internal and external networks allow us to make high-level introductions to customers and investors.


YBI has an in-house marketing and communications director who can assist your company with developing a marketing strategy, and make introductions to local marketing firms to help with your brand presence.

Bookkeeping and accounting

YBI’s in-house accountant offers basic bookkeeping and accounting support to its clients at a low cost, if not free.

In-house technical expertise

Developers, designers and engineers, oh my! We’ve got them all. We have a little black book of trusted software, web and app developers, graphic and interactive designers, and engineers to fit any of your projects.

Market verification studies

Going through this process will allow you to see if there is a market for your idea, and to identify your target market, by getting unbiased information from the customer. If interested in having YBI conduct a market verification study for your business, please contact Gianna at

Student worker assistance

YBI portfolio companies can apply for partially or fully subsidized student workers based on their location and level of engagement with the YBI. This program is project-based, funding dependent, available only to clients in good standing, and not guaranteed to any client. For more information, please contact .

Monus Entrepreneurship fellows

Funded by the Youngstown State University, this program is an opportunity for business students to be placed with a YBI portfolio company to work on various projects related to their field of study, gain valuable insights while applying their studies to real world situations and be fully immersed in the entrepreneurial experience.

HubSpot for startups

As are a “HubSpot for Startups” incubator, we’ve partnered with HubSpot to offer a 90 percent scholarship on their marketing and sales tools.

Microsoft BizSpark partner

YBI has access to codes for its startup entities to become BizSpark clients, which allows them to access Microsoft programs, OS downloads, tools for software development and so much more.


LeadFeeder is a software that utilizes Google Analytics to show you what prospects and customers do on your website so you can feed high-quality leads to your sales team. It also integrates to your CRM and email marketing tools to increase your sales intelligence.

funding opportunities

We work with you to make sure you're ready, and then the rest is up to you. There's numerous funding sources avaiable to you.

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