Youth Entrepreneurship

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YE) creates economic opportunities for Youth, ages 9-18, in the City of Youngstown through teaching the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in a creative space, expanding the footprint of the YBI in our community.

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Advancing Youth entrepreneurs

The mission of the YE Program is to elevate our youth through the entrepreneurial mindset that will create generational wealth for their families and community.

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Our Youth Entrepreneurship Program offers:



Accelerator workshop that will teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, help students build their confidence, leadership, and communications skills, and show students how to work collaboratively. At the end of the program students should complete the following:

  •       Register to do business in the State of Ohio
  •       Register business name
  •       Learn to Pitch
  •       Financial literacy training

"Shark Tank" Youth Edition

Youth Entrepreneurship Resources

Maker space

Funding resources


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