YBI entrepreneur education & training

Youngstown Business Incubator offers several training workshops, competitions and educational opportunities for budding tech entrepreneurs.


Biz3D blends entrepreneurship and 3D printing in an 18-hour, standards-aligned high school program.  After learning about 3D printing, its uses in various industries and its impact on entrepreneurship, careers and society, students brainstorm a start-up idea with a product they design in CAD program and 3D print.

Market verification studies

The market verification process consists of YSU students making phone calls to your potential customers in an effort to validate your target market. The benefit of this is that you are able to get unbiased information from the customer.

Going through this process will allow you to see if there is a market for your idea, and to identify your target market. If interested in having YBI conduct a market verification study for your business, please contact Gianna at gserra@ybi.org.

Student worker assistance

YBI portfolio companies can apply for partially or fully subsidized student workers based on their location and level of engagement with the YBI. This program is project-based, funding dependent, available only to clients in good standing, and not guaranteed to any client. For more information, please contact gserra@ybi.org .

Monus Entrepreneurship fellows

Funded by the Youngstown State University Williamson College of Business Administration, this program is an opportunity for business students to be placed with a YBI portfolio company to work on various projects related to their field of study, gain valuable insights while applying their studies to real world situations, and be fully immersed in the entrepreneurial experience.

Learning Labs educational workshops

YBI offers several educational workshops taught by expert members of our network and staff.

Startup 101

Learn the basics of what it takes to find, validate and launch your killer business idea.

Funding strategies for SaaS technology startups

This session is going to explain where SaaS technology companies can turn to for funding, when each source is appropriate, the process that should be followed and what outcomes should be expected.

Scaling your business with the Startup Maturity Model

This session will educate the audience on scaling their company by better understand their progress using the Startup Maturity Model. The model breaks down the key areas of a business that must be scaled to evolve a company to the subsequent level of maturity, with the ultimate goal of achieving predictable growth across their sales and operations.

Market opportunity assessment

This training consists of three interactive, customized sections; value proposition mapping, in-house research, and voice-of-the-customer research.

Value prop and market validation series

Developing a clear value proposition is a vitally important initial step for a startup. Learn from the experts how a value proposition can lead to savings in initial capital/time, become a speedier path to revenue, and attract the attention of investors.

Social entrepreneurship

Social enterprises are for-profit companies with a triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Gain an understanding of the value added to your business when you are a company that gives back.

Business model basics

Learn how to develop a money-making business model using the elements of the Business Model Canvas.

C-level luncheon series

Monthly meetup of YBI’s entrepreneurs and an expert in their industry. Grab lunch, learn from the best and interact with entrepreneurs like you.

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