A​ ​Millennial’s​ ​Perspective​ ​as​ ​to​ ​why​ ​Israeli​ ​Tech​ ​Startups​ ​Should​ ​Move​ ​to​ ​Youngstown

Like most millennials, I see an inherent value in two things: technology and diversity.

This is why I believe the I-YBI initiative is a valuable asset to YBI and the entirety of the Youngstown community.

I-YBI is a partnership between Israel and the Youngstown Business Incubator in order to further both parties’ involvement in technology development. Like Youngstown, Israel is a leader in Additive Manufacturing and technology startups. This collaborative has the potential to bring over Israeli-recognized companies to the U.S. market. Youngstown is a natural fit to be their new base and can provide these companies with a large, valuable market. If executed, this union can be a colossal success for both organizations.

I-YBI offers the opportunity to bring over new and innovative technology from Israel that would help establish our hometown as a global hotspot for Additive Manufacturing and software companies.

New technology means new industry. New industry means new jobs. New jobs means new opportunity.

Millennial translation: a reason to stay.

Millennials, including myself, are currently juggling with the decision to stay in their home or stray to places of greater opportunity. However, with programs like I-YBI, my home is a place of greater opportunity. Through this program, Youngstown can grow its involvement in Additive Manufacturing, develop a fruitful industry, and offer a promising future for those who want to stick around.

Not only can this program offer opportunity, it can also offer inclusion. I’ve sat through enough pro-Youngstown persuasive speeches at YSU to know that one of the selling points of our community to millennials is its diversity and rich culture. From Simply Slavic to the Italian Fest, we go crazy for an opportunity to embrace a multi-cultural experience. However, the Midwest can still be a isolating for some cultures, specifically the Jewish Culture.

The presence of Jewish Culture in Youngstown is scarce. The representation of this presence — — even scarcer.

Through I-YBI, Youngstown will have the opportunity to strengthen the rich Jewish culture of Israel into our local community. I may not have been around for the glory of Youngstown in its heyday; however, I know two core elements that gave our community strength were industry and diversity. 70.8% of the factory workers in Youngstown Steel Mills were immigrants. Reflecting on ingredients of past success, the opportunity to allow a new culture to flourish in our area should be embraced with open-arms.

Moreover, the fellowship presented by I-YBI is a chance for Youngstown to reach a new age of cultural and economic prosperity.

My parents are from the generation that grew up hearing about the glorious past. I am from the generation that grew up watching those around me work towards a glorious future. And I can’t wait to be a part of it.

If diversity and opportunity are two things you are passionate about, please consider joining me in supporting the I-YBI Collaborative.

Fore more information on I-YBI, please contact Colleen Kelly at [email protected].


— About the Author —

Annie Vallas is a communications intern at the Youngstown Business Incubator. Annie is a passionate writer who values culture, technology, and the art of great publications.