Accupoint Software Graduates from Digital Incubation Program

Youngstown, OH — The Youngstown Business Incubator is pleased to announce the graduation of Accupoint Software from their Digital Incubation program. Accupoint, founded in Youngstown in 2007, is a global provider of innovative compliance management systems to the oil and gas industry. Accupoint’s integrated solution family expands operational awareness, improves efficiency and helps manage today’s complex regulatory and customer requirements.

What makes Accupoint a standout is that they have combined industry best business practice with cutting-edge cloud technology to provide intuitive business management tools. Their solutions are designed to streamline the administration and reporting requirements of international quality standards. Accupoint Software works with a diverse customer base including manufacturers, E & P, distribution, and service supply organizations.

“Over the past couple of years we have seen the oil and gas industry undergo substantial changes to the way it does business. Falling crude prices, budget and schedule overruns, climate change concerns and problems attracting talent, have greatly impacted the industry.  As a result, companies were looking for solutions to streamline their processes and improve operational performance. Our team was fortunate enough to recognize a need, and focused on developing a family of solutions designed to address their concerns,” said Jeff Cianciola, CEO of Accupoint Software.

Barb Ewing, CEO at the Youngstown Business Incubator said, “Accupoint is a great example of a company that faced challenges in the market and found ways to succeed in spite of them. When the US manufacturing economy slowed, Jeff successfully pivoted by creating opportunities in the oil and gas industry. YBI is proud to be a part of Jeff’s success and look forward to seeing his continued growth.”

Accupoint Software is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio and maintains sales offices in Houston, Texas and (as well as) internationally. For additional information or inquiries, please call 800.563.6250 or complete their contact form.