The Positive Effects of 3D Printing

What makes the utilization of 3D printing on a global scale so exciting is that the technology is being used in nearly every industry in extraordinary ways.

You may be surprised to discover that you may be using or looking right at 3D printed works in your daily life, without even recognizing it. Ponder the fascinating and effective reasons why 3D printing is making a great impact on the world. 

1. 3D Printing is Revolutionizing and Combining Industries

There are tons of companies across various trades that you may think are not using 3D printing technologies, but are. From finance to fashion design, many wide-reaching industries are taking the hint and integrating the possibilities of 3D printing into their businesses. Not only are slow-moving industries changing rapidly in its wake, but medical, business, education, and manufacturing powerhouses are starting to collaborate together to discover new 3D printing solutions for all. 

2. 3D Printing is Saving Lives

Printing body organs sounds like science fiction, but it is fast becoming a reality. 3D technology has made the creation of customizable human body organs and parts possible. Doctors and medical scientists can use the technology to design and replace organs that are a compatible DNA fit for each patient. This kind of technology can save hundreds of thousands of people globally who are suffering from illness and disease and remove them from extensive organ donor waiting lists. 

3. 3D Printing Reduces the Cost of Everyday Items

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, can also be used to print everyday objects for your home and work life from a variety of materials. Digital Trends shares that coasters, pen holders, showerheads, outlet protectors, wall mounts, measuring cups, candle holders, vases, and even smartphone cases are just some of the things that can be created with a 3D printer. 

A few decades ago, the idea of wearing 3D printed dresses, belts, and footwear sounded like a line from a science-fiction novel. Local fashion designers and other creatives can print you the ideal outfit, tailored to your exact measurements, in a smorgasbord of materials, colors, and patterns right now. 

4. Quicker Customization of Biomedical Devices is a Reality with 3D Printing

The Food and Drug Administration notes that the printing of biomedical devices allows manufacturers and designers to make changes easily to create devices matched to a patient’s anatomy. As a result, many biomedical devices like custom dental plates and prostheses can be created very quickly. In past years, it would take weeks for a dentist to send specifications to a large manufacturer and receive a patient’s custom dental designs for advanced repair or surgery. 

Individuals who struggle to get a comfortable fit can now receive a simple scan of their mouth and custom dental works can be printed to scale in a single day at the same office. Finding a prosthetic that fits well and is effective for an individual was tricky, costly, and time-consuming in the past. Now, empowering amputees with the ability to receive high quality, well-fitted prostheses quickly is one of the issues that 3D printing technology solves. 

5. Rapid Prototyping and Warehousing is Simplified With 3D Printing

With the help of 3D printing, a product design can be transformed into a prototype quickly. The speed of manufacturing all sorts of products has risen exponentially, so offering an array of products without retaining all of the stock is now possible with 3D printing. This enables decentralization and helps companies to save money by printing on demand. This lessens the responsibility of manufacturers and businesses in storing vast amounts of inventory that may or may not sell. When a sale is made, then the product is printed and shipped. 

6. 3D Printing Streamlines the Construction of Cars, Aircraft, and Spacecraft

In the manufacturing world, 3D printing is making a ripple impact. What used to take tons of people and a long construction process can now be completed in a fraction of the time. states that 3D printing is now being used to create replacement parts for combat aircraft and to construct next-generation spacecraft to roam the universe. Although producing automotive parts with the 3D printing process is not new; the first 100% 3D printed car hit the road only a few years ago. Consumers can also expect the prices to decline on these items over time. 

7. 3D Printing Can Construct Homes and Other Buildings

Did you know that buying a house made from 3D printing technology is now an option? There are industrial-level 3D printers that make printing construction materials a reality. Some scholars report a global housing crisis in the near future, but 3D printing can provide shelter and safety for all kinds of people who are at risk. When a building is destroyed or needs renovation, 3D printing technologies are able to facilitate faster reconstruction than ever before. 

8. 3D Printing Enables the Everyday Person to Be Creative

As Moore’s Law of Exponential Growth predicts, 3D printing will only become cheaper and more accessible to significant parts of the population in the near future. Prices vary, but you can currently buy a 3D printer for as low as $200 online. Small-town entrepreneurs with access to the technology can quickly manufacture their own products and cut out the middlemen. The everyday person with an innovative, experimental edge can start designing and printing all kinds of products the same day. 

The vast influence of 3D printing can no longer be ignored. Expect far more unique applications of 3D printing in the future as the exponential technology decreases in price, grows more effective, and rises in availability. As more creative individuals from every industry bring their ideas to the drawing board, we can expect more inventions and applications of 3D printing with a positive impact for all in the future. 


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